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Sharanya offers dance lessons to build a foundation in the Indian classical Bharatanatyam dance style. Choreographed pieces encourage students to blend traditional movements with classical music, a great motivation for today's youth.

Classes focus on training all ages to blend rhythm, beats and expressions with artful foot, hand, and body movements-essential to all dance styles.

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Dance Information

Students will be placed into appropriate class groupings based on level and experience.
Advanced Private Lessons are accepted on a case by case basis. 
Currently, all classes are virtual until further notice.

Adavu Groups

1 hour Class

Bharatanatyam dance begins with learning the sets of adavus, or basic steps. These are the foundation for the dance style. Students will focus on learning the posture and technique needed through the adavus. As the group advances, students may work towards incorporating these adavus into a simple dance.
Intermediate Groups

1.5 hour Class

After the adavus are complete, students will begin learning items in a traditional Bharatanatyam Margam or repertoire. Students will review adavus, however the expectation is that students have a strong foundation in technique and will start progressing towards more intricate pieces.
Advanced Lessons

1 hour Class

Advanced private classes are for students with a strong foundation in Bharatanatyam that have already learned a majority, or all, of the items in a Bharatanatyam Margam. Students will continue to learn new pieces, choreography, and theory relevant to their goals and level.

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